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Established on 7th March, 2016 with registered capital of 12 millions, Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. (and its subsidiary company Suzhou Bada Furniture Co., Ltd., which was established on 1st Nov., 2012) is a private enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of furniture.
The factory of Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. is located at Yupan road 666, Weitang town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou, with floor area of over 20,000 square meters. The company has solid financial strength and over 260 employees in departments of manufacture, technical, financial, quality, sales and after-sales, among which over 20 engineers(including senior engineers) in technical department, 30 administrative staffs, and 20% of the employees hold a medium-grade professional title. With advanced equipment, strong technical power, fast R&D and production, the company is able to trace the changes and demands of market.

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How to buy your product?

Please call our sales hotline: 0512-65768151 0512-66150486

How about custom furniture made of furniture?

As the largest furniture distribution center in East China, Likou Furniture City has several exhibition halls, covering a total area of up to 2600 square meters, coupled with convenient transportation, it is attracting consumers all over the country. So, the furniture-based furniture factory custom how?

A good desk or a good paint desk?

Desk is a beautiful scenery of the company line, and your company's landscape of this road is what material it? Desk in the material can be divided into: plastic sheeting, paint two categories, then, what is a good desk or a good paint desk desk is good? We may wish to analyze the following aspects: First, the price of the company for profit purposes, in the purchase of desks, the price is an important indicator. Sheet office desk, generally in MDF, fire board, particleboard, melamine board for the substrate, low cost, and therefore lower prices. The paint desk, the general choice of wood structure is better wood, or even solid wood, spray paint

Leather and imitation leather identification method

Leather and imitation leather identification method. With the development of the furniture industry, the leather industry has also been driven development, but the production of leather and processes are more complicated, and the higher prices. And consumers for leather and imitation leather awareness is very low, so the result is to buy the leather is the consequences of imitation leather, then identify their method is what? Xiaobian below you look for decomposition.

Office furniture factory procurement standards

Office furniture and our work is closely related to a direct impact on the quality of office and health. 1, office furniture materials are reasonable Shenzhen office furniture, but the surface is different from the use of materials. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets of the legs, require hard wood, relatively strong, can load, and internal materials can be used other materials; found wood insects, out of foam, drying is not complete. Check the surface, but also open the door, drawer inside the door to see there is no decadent material, you can pinch a pinch with fingernails, pinch into the description of the material inside the decadent. Open the door after the nose with a smell, if the red nose, dazzling, tears, indicating the formaldehyde content of glue is too high, will be harmful to humans. 2, office furniture, legs are smooth

Suzhou office furniture manufacturers preferred】 【Rongji office furniture factory, customized (customized) your best product!

Suzhou office furniture manufacturers in the end what? Suzhou, China's largest production base in the office furniture industry in the rapid development of large and small brands have also increased, Suzhou as an international metropolis, which is unable to meet the large-scale enterprises to establish office furniture factory. Thus assigned to Suzhou to facilitate the establishment of their own business. Suzhou office furniture manufacturers Which is better? Suzhou desk customization? Suzhou office furniture made? Suzhou file cabinet what brand is good? Such problems: Many people are looking for the conference table, office chairs, office sofas, coffee table, office screens, furniture manufacturers like furniture, including hotel

What should be put in the end the desk

A closer look at the recent, usually feel that they have been busy but not busy out of the results of the people, the desk is always cluttered, this is their common problem! Look at these people's desks, put what have, generally a bit like messy documents, cups, stationery, telephone and so on commonly used to things; not generally point like goldfish, a row of small cactus, style Peculiar fans, make-up mirror, etc., and then a little special, such as steaming face beauty equipment, water vapor machine, a variety of small toys, decorative, and so on, in various forms. People say to see a place where people will be able to know the person's character and work style. In the complainant Zaduo always do not finish the people may wish to first

Furniture store performance, to rely on these 15 words

Affect the performance of the general problems store 1, work state of mind is not good, not contagious - the state is not good, what are not good! 2, morale is not high no passion - when the day monk hit one day clock, more customers come in also catch a few! 3, the lack of affinity - can not give customers a good first impression, can not get the customer's favorite. 4, do not understand and customers closer - difficult and customers to establish a good relationship and feelings. 5, do not know how to deal with tough customers - lost a lot of opportunities for transactions. 6, do not know how to effectively introduce the product - the customer can not see the advantages and bright spots, that is not worth. 7, do not understand the guide to customer thinking - follow the customer back, passive referral

Leather sofa and maintenance and cleaning techniques

Leather sofa how to maintain? Leather sofa cleaning precautions, at every turn to the million leather sofa, you still do not pay attention to maintenance? Leather sofa daily maintenance: 1, for the newly purchased leather sofa, first with a wet towel wrung dry, wipe the surface dirt and dust, and then care agent gently applied to the surface wipe two times, Note: Do not With wax care products; so that the surface layer of leather sofa to form a protective film; leather pores will not easily run into the dirt, clean after the clean. 2, to avoid sharp objects scratch the surface of leather, as well as to avoid the ink spilled on the sofa: to ensure that indoor ventilation, too dry or wet will make leather plus

Teach you how to choose the right office furniture

Office furniture to choose the precautions of the material to be reasonably different office furniture, surface materials are different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets of the legs, require hard wood, relatively strong, can load, while the internal materials can be used other materials.

Tell you that this office furniture is considered high-end office furniture!

High-end office furniture is rare and expensive, first-class design, comfortable experience for the processing and performance of the duties of furniture. High-end office furniture is only an abstract concept, there is no real standard of a unified said to achieve this standard can be called high-end office furniture. At present, Guangdong Zhongshan into the office furniture company gives the concept is based on the furniture itself, materials, design and experience to define the three aspects. 1. High-grade furniture materials stalls furniture materials used in office furniture manufacturing materials is to determine whether it reached the most important high-end standard. In general, the manufacture of office furniture (here to desk materials, for example) can be basically divided into four grades:

2 strokes to teach you how to clean the hotel furniture?

Hotel furniture, cleaning and maintenance is the most annoying, and sometimes not a technical live, just carefully and carefully on it, the following financial integration to share: 2 strokes to teach you how to clean the hotel furniture?

Commonly used aluminum-based office furniture materials which have?

Aluminum is one of the non-ferrous metals in the metal category, thinking into the office furniture commonly used aluminum material which? Think of office furniture commonly used in aluminum and die-casting aluminum two. Mainly by the purity of up to 92% of the aluminum ingot as the main raw material

New office furniture to buy how to remove the smell?

There are a lot of newly renovated office, bought a new office furniture, there are a lot of smell, especially for the office of some ventilation is not good, the smell inside the office more difficult to remove, and some short-term or even a year is difficult to remove The smell, many people are trying to remove the odor, but the total can not find a good solution, today, Zhongshan Si Jin office furniture through their own experience to teach you how to remove the newly renovated office inside the purchase of new office furniture Smell. Zhongshan City, into the office furniture summary of the following points for your reference: 1, ventilation to the odor method In fact, this method is a very common method. So that the air flow of the office quickly, take away the smell. The disadvantage is that the ventilation system inside the office is sufficient

Financial file cabinet production process is what?

How is the filing cabinet produced? What is the detailed production process?

Do you have any case?

The latest domestic cases have recently Guangzhou Building, Tianhuan Square. Abroad there is the Australian Institute of Architects Building, Lausanne, Switzerland business center building. Earlier cases have the Korea Industrial Federation headquarters building, the German BMW World Museum and so on.

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