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Home with the 2/8 rule home moments become the United States and the United States da

Website Editor:Suzhou Rongji │ Date:2017-01-03 17:01

A space can be used with different styles of furniture, so that in fact there is no wrong place, even if you do is a single style can also be decorated with different styles of items. Note that a proportion of the problem, that is, most of the space furniture needs to maintain the same style of style to determine the tone, another small part of the other styles can be decorated to make more active space.

With the time, there are five elements we need to consider:

Color is very important to maintain the color of most of the furniture with a color, the furniture to rely on color between each other to avoid too much color and lead to chaos.

In the style selection style, you can choose to look similar to the shape of the furniture, do not deliberately pursue whether the same style. They can still remain in the shape of the relative harmony.

Size of the grasp. Here that the size of the furniture is not only refers to the actual size, as well as the visual size of the volume, which is conducive to the sense of balance in the actual size but can not be the same with a few things that visually feel they The sense of severity is the same.

Feel important, feeling is the key to create a space atmosphere, each product must meet the feeling you want, for example, without considering the premise of style, the formal sense of strong furniture and the same feeling of furniture can reach a certain harmony , While the creative category of leisure furniture and its similar can be up with, the same rules in the same jewelry.

Sense of balance. A space if all the same style and the same feeling of furniture is an imbalance, to achieve a sense of visual balance, we need to be flexible to use just mentioned four methods: color, style, size and feel.

Furniture with a taboo is to use the same brand to do, as it is easy to make a brand of home showroom, we have the best time to forget the concept of brand in order to do more beautiful.

Here is a rule that is 2/8 rule, which means 80% of the space using the same style furniture, feeling or style of the time, while the remaining 20% can be used with some other style to embellish, in other words , An antique furniture can be placed in a style of modern minimalist space.

But some models can not actually be used together. For example, some of the beautiful Victorian feminine ornaments used in the practical American village may be incompatible, but with the same exquisite French, British and oriental style of traditional furniture with a very coordinated; the same token American-style furniture and modern minimalist style furniture can be collocated together.

The so-called 2/8 rule in that 20% of the part, you can almost any other style of furniture to do with, such as a full post-modern style LOFT style space, place an antique-level sofa, very Have the mood!

Two to two Do not:

To large areas of large items using soft colors, and small areas in the use of small items of heavy colors, such as you have a group of vases, it is best to soft colors, you have a pair of pillow, it can be a little color to stimulate beautiful Of the fabric to decorate. So that the proportion of space can really reflect the personality should be.

Be bold to use 20% of the opportunity to match some special things, some strong things to seize the eye.

Do not use the whole room lighting all the global lighting, such as you have a lot of downlights, light trough to lighting, to properly add some local lighting, such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps to create a romantic atmosphere, attract people's attention To the wall paintings or table ornaments to go above.

Do not put too many feet with the furniture in the same space, with the foot of the furniture usually looks more formal, you can consider appropriate to join a number of casual sense of strong furniture with a pedestal or even no foot furniture and his match.

This is the home improvement with the 2/8 rule, many people experience, feel the law Bang Bang da, in the future of home improvement, from the color of the selection, size, style selection and the overall feeling of choice , Can be a lot of reference to the whole law, so that out of the home will be the best!


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