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Established on 7th March, 2016 with registered capital of 12 millions, Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. (and its subsidiary company Suzhou Bada Furniture Co., Ltd., which was established on 1st Nov., 2012) is a private enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of furniture.
The factory of Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. is located at Yupan road 666, Weitang town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou, with floor area of over 20,000 square meters. The company has solid financial strength and over 260 employees in departments of manufacture, technical, financial, quality, sales and after-sales, among which over 20 engineers(including senior engineers) in technical department, 30 administrative staffs, and 20% of the employees hold a medium-grade professional title. With advanced equipment, strong technical power, fast R&D and production, the company is able to trace the changes and demands of market.

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Custom home consumption four

Website Editor:Suzhou Rongji │ Date:2017-01-03 17:01

With the increasing demand for personalized, custom furniture consumption has become the norm. From the consumer demand, both efficient use of space and a sense of design, which can not help but focus on quality of life of the consumer heart, but in the actual use of the process, custom furniture is difficult to Heart. Commitment to environmental customization products, sent home but taste pungent; agreed delivery time, but can not wait; that preferences package customization, did not expect that there are many price traps; ran one-on-one personal design away , After installation, but the effect is too far away from the design chart ... ... What are the consumer trap custom furniture? Consumers in the purchase should pay attention to what aspects? Beijing Morning News from the questionnaire, interviews with industry, for consumers to thoroughly.

Environmental protection is difficult to guarantee the whole house

Custom furniture, environmental standards are the most concerned about the consumer, but also decided to customize the key to product quality. Beijing Morning News survey showed that 54.7% of consumers believe that environmental protection is the consumer to buy the first element to consider.

In recent years, in the custom field, not only enterprises increased, and custom category also expanded, extended from single-product customization to the whole house. On the whole house customization, consumers may think, worry and effort, but also to maintain a unified style of the whole house. In fact, the whole house is difficult to ensure that environmental protection. Zhang Fucai, chairman of furniture, furniture, custom furniture, the most important part is the plate, the formaldehyde content of the board can almost determine the formaldehyde content of custom furniture. Will the whole house covered with sheets, in environmental protection can meet the national standards? Yao Gang, general manager of Europe to send Beijing, said that according to the different materials and different consumer choice, but the EU is currently studying to ensure that the whole house is the most environmentally friendly plate the most suitable amount. China Building Decoration Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Ren decoration decoration is that this test is the credibility of enterprises, and production of products using the plate environmental protection degree, what paint, plastic sheet with the amount of such a direct correlation.

Delivery time is difficult

Custom furniture in the signing of the contract to pay the full amount, and then the consumer to enter the goods period, in the survey, 43.7% of consumers said they encountered delayed delivery installation.

Long production cycle is caused by delayed delivery of custom furniture business the main reason. Shangpin with the relevant responsible person said: custom furniture size of the particularity of the requirements of the diversification of the furniture production put forward higher requirements. Custom furniture, real production time is not long, more consumption in the dry paint, process convergence, single-row and other sectors, if the owner there are other process requirements, that the production cycle will be longer. Zhang Fucai, chairman of strong furniture, said: custom furniture needs according to the needs of consumers out of the design; orders after the factory technical department and then split plans, with hardware, so customized products than the standard product production cycle slightly longer.

For delayed delivery, outside the city, general manager of building materials Jiang Tao, general manager of advice given: for delivery time of more than 90 working days, consumers can be resolved by legal means. Consumers who have a hurry to sign a contract must be noted.

Difficult to communicate design

Beijing Morning News survey results show that poor communication into the largest consumer choice of custom furniture concerns. 35.7% of consumers worry about poor communication with the designer, the design can not own the desired product.

Custom furniture is different from the biggest feature of finished furniture, is targeted size and design. In the enterprise have launched the whole house customization, the designer's ability to require a higher, it is necessary to have professional precision measurement, but also have the ability to design the whole house. Customization boom intensified, many companies have played custom banner, a wide variety of custom market, the quality is uneven, the designer's ability is different. Beijing Morning Post on many occasions received complaints from consumers in this regard: the design and product plans there are many differences; finished the furniture does not match the actual size, can not display and so on.

Completely customizable hard to achieve

Speaking of custom, the most intuitive consumer response is "what kind of want to make what can be made," but in terms of the current custom market, is within the capacity of enterprises to meet the greatest possible consumer demand for furniture production , And not entirely in accordance with the consumer's ideas and preferences to produce, there are certain conditions. For example, in magazines, microblogging, APP mobile phone to see the style of furniture like to require enterprises to make in accordance with this map, it is difficult to achieve. China Building Decoration Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Ren decoration decoration, said the current market can only be called integrated custom accessories, mostly in size, height, internal structure and other aspects of change, and not for a consumer alone Do the template, change the production line.


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