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    Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

Established on 7th March, 2016 with registered capital of 12 millions, Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. (and its subsidiary company Suzhou Bada Furniture Co., Ltd., which was established on 1st Nov., 2012) is a private enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of furniture.
The factory of Suzhou Rongji Furniture Co., Ltd. is located at Yupan road 666, Weitang town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou, with floor area of over 20,000 square meters. The company has solid financial strength and over 260 employees in departments of manufacture, technical, financial, quality, sales and after-sales, among which over 20 engineers(including senior engineers) in technical department, 30 administrative staffs, and 20% of the employees hold a medium-grade professional title. With advanced equipment, strong technical power, fast R&D and production, the company is able to trace the changes and demands of market.

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All-wood furniture custom-made for you to create a quiet and warm home

People's life rhythm increasingly faster, "open" for living in the city's white-collar groups has become a simple and extravagant things, people are more eager to create a quiet and comfortable environment as a complete relaxation of the harbor, Square log all the furniture custom furniture, from the comfort and convenience point of view, the product features and practical fully integrated, emphasizing "all the design is only for the convenience of life" principle, the introduction of the whole wood furniture custom furniture.

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Addition to dining tables and chairs smell

Newly purchased restaurant dining tables and chairs in general will have some smell, although the smell has little effect, but some guests are not used to, for this odor we should be how to remove it?

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Home with the 2/8 rule home moments become the United States and the United States da

A space can be used with different styles of furniture, so that in fact there is no wrong place, even if you do is a single style can also be decorated with different styles of items.

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